The Caerus approach to real estate investments is centered around underwriting investments based on fee ownership. Whether the investment is structured as equity, debt or both, Caerus has the skill and knowledge to evaluate a property and formulate the right strategy to maximize its value. With ownership and active involvement in the physical asset being its core concentration, Caerus is able to take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate inherent risks.

The firm seeks to identify current needs and create innovative solutions to reach short- and long-term investment goals. By combining an owner’s goals and objectives with management expertise, Caerus adds value to underlying real estate. The knowledge we’ve gained enables us to evaluate and structure our clients’ real estate transactions to meet their business goals.


Caerus Group brings depth of understanding and expertise to all its engagements and provides it’s partners, clients and investors direct exposure to physical underlying assets. 

We offer the full spectrum of direct real estate investment, development and management services including, but not limited to, the following services:


  • Identifying opportunities that meet the client’s criteria for investment
  • Analyzing the most effective options, tactics and structures available to extract maximize value
  • Obtaining fairness and other related opinions


  • Managing due diligence, data rooms, site visits and all buyer investigations
  • Analyzing and managing timing and transactional processes
  • Negotiating and executing agreement of sale and all related documentation
  • Providing objective, independent and informed advice for financing and transaction structuring


  • Developing asset positioning and marketing strategies for sale
  • Managing related process and documentation
  • Developing buyers lists and managing all communications with potential buyers.
  • Evaluating bids, negotiating agreements of sale, and executing final transaction

Years of experience and proven track record have given Caerus many resources on which to draw, including a broad base of relationships throughout various industries, which offers our partners and investors access to a wider spectrum of professional resources than they might otherwise enjoy as stand-alone investors or outside market participants.

Our comprehensive approach also means that the entire Caerus team is actively involved in all facets of client interaction, from the initial evaluation phase to the final stages.  We continually work to better understand and serve our partners’ and investors’ goals and objectives to offer the best investment opportunities and structures. This leads to clear, long-term strategic plans, often with specific milestones and definitive priorities, for every investment.

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