• Feasibility & Economic Analysis

    Feasibility studies are crucial during the early development of any project and form a vital component in the business development process. Accounting and Advisory feasibility studies enable organizations to assess the viability, cost and benefits of projects before financial resources are allocated. They also provide independent project assessment and enhance […]

  • Sponsor / Developer

    When repositioning, converting or developing a real estate asset, a complex set of overlapping workstreams must be seamlessly managed.  Successful implementation of these critical processes depends on the developer’s ability to manage and execute a series of interrelated activities efficiently and at the appropriate time. By combining an owner’s role and […]

  • Government Approval Coordination

    Caerus has demonstrated its ability of managing complex projects requiring substantial interaction with local government, community boards, land-use and other public procedures. Perhaps, one of the more important aspects of any development work – zoning, permitting, and certification, require skillful coordination on every level in the chain of command. Architects, […]

  • Bid Analysis & Construction Buyout

    After a complete set of Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical plans with specifications is submitted to competing general contractors by the development team,  competing contractors bit to perform the work. During bid analysis the team looks at the degree of competition, reasonableness of the low bid in comparison with the engineer’s […]

  • Marketing & Public Relations

    What to communicate, when and how are critical issues that make an impact on any project. Caerus works with a number of production and consulting groups to create a cohesive marketing and communications strategy. Our past work of creating visually striking and informative campaigns speaks for itself.  We determine and oversee […]

  • Design & Construction Coordination

    Caerus Group oversees every aspect of design process and is on-site regularly to ensure the project is implemented within best professional practices and the goals set out during planning are achieved. We look to maximize value by bringing on board project specific experts and applying the optimum mix of proven […]

  • Architectural & Engineering Management

    Coordination and management of Architects and Engineers begins with the selection of the right team and thoughtful planning of their respective professional assignments. Depending on complexity of the project various disciplines and consultants are involved: zoning consultants, geo-technical and structural engineers, MEP, LEED, environmental, facade and curtain wall specialists, interior […]

  • Concept, Programming & Site Planning

    Concept, Programming and Planning occur as a process, a logical sequence of actions or events that must be carried out to arrive at a viable solution.  It is a multi-disciplinary problem-solving operation often involving architects, engineers, government, private business, investors, real estate advisors, and other specific consultants depending on the […]

  • Pro forma & Budget Development

    The quality of financial forecasting is critical when considering a new acquisition, a new development project, or other forms of investment. Caerus provides an in-house analysis and coordinates preparation of a fairness opinion, if required, which enables to make a solid decision about your potential target. Similarly, we develop preliminary […]